Author Coaching

Is this you?

  • As a writer, do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your work? 
  • Have you lost your way and don’t know how to get back on track? 
  • Or perhaps you have written your book and now need help to market it? 
  • Are you bewildered by the dizzying publishing options available today? 
  • Are you unsure how to brand yourself properly as an author? 

Often, those at the start of their writing journey lose confidence when faced by these challenges, and more. Sometimes, even the most seasoned veteran needs a helping hand. A chat with an experienced writing and publishing professional can often help. This is what author coaching is all about. A one-off session is useful to discuss specific topics and to gain clarity and perspective. A series of sessions can be used to design and implement ways forward and to chart progress. 

Sabrestorm Stories’ Author Coach is Penny Legg.  She has years of experience in coaching authors to success. Sessions are one-to-one and are recorded, so you receive audio/video of the meeting for later replay.

At Sabrestorm Stories, we genuinely wish to help authors fulfil their potential.  Please contact us for more details or to schedule a session:

Testimonial - Beth Kennedy

"Penny Legg provided incredible author coaching services for my first book, Career ReCharge:  Five Strategies to Boost Resilience and Beat Burnout. I would highly recommend Penny's services, as she is not only an incredible editor but very authentic.  I was so excited by my final back cover copy and I have also received positive feedback on the editorial quality.  Thank you, Penny!"

Beth Benatti Kennedy, MS, LMFT, Benatti Training & Development

Author Coaching FAQs in a Nutshell

Author Coach: Penny Legg MA

Session Duration: 45 minutes

Delivery: Online via Zoom. 

To discuss Author Coaching and how it can help you, please email: